The R&D department is one of the key assets of AlpiPan s.r.l. Our technicians and technologists work constantly to develop new products or improve the existing products currently used in our clients’ ranges.

Continuous collaboration with clients’ technicians and R&D departments allows us to pursue the development of new formulations specifically suited to consumers and markets that are often very different from Italian consumers and the Italian domestic market.

Over the years, AlpiPan S.r.l. has acquired an increasingly large number of foreign clients (brands) thanks to the possibility we always provide for our customers in terms of offering, starting from two basic concepts:

  • proposing typically Italian and Mediterranean products in gluten-free versions for consumers in other countries,
  • adapting AlpiPan products so that they match the specific taste preferences of the target markets.

This two-pronged approach has made it possible to satisfy highly diversified demands and thanks to the numerous variations in terms of shape, weight, packaging types, and cartoning that AlpiPan can offer we are frequently able to meet the demands of clients who must in turn comply with a range of commercial parameters to avoid repeat article codification, new listing fees, logistic modifications and so forth.

R&D activities are carried out all-year-round on the basis of projects shared with our clients and they concern all categories of internally made products, whether gluten-free or low protein:

  • Breads
  • Bread substitutes
  • Biscuits
  • Cakes
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Festive cakes

AlpiPan’s technical personnel typically start a project by submitting prototypes to clients with basic recipes that are then adjusted and customized in terms of ingredients and shape on the basis of the feedback received.