AlpiPan S.r.l. was set up specifically to focus exclusively on the production of dietary bakery products, placing the needs of people obliged to follow a special diet every day at the core of its business activities.

Located in Altopascio, in the province of Lucca in Tuscany, a part of the world where the production of breads and bakery products is ubiquitous and steeped in tradition, since 2004 AlpiPan S.r.l. has been producing gluten-free and low protein products for a growing number of clients who distribute their products all over the world.

The company occupies an 8,000 m2 site with 3,000 m2 of floor space in a plant devoted exclusively to the production of gluten-free bakery goods and low protein foods. The fact we produce no conventional products allows us to guarantee very high quality standards by eliminating possible risks of cross contamination that would otherwise result from the presence of the gluten allergen in the plant.

We specialize in products for private brands, thanks to the work of our client liaison staff, who support customers also in co-packing related aspects (graphics, logistics, regulatory framework, labelling, auditing, etc.)


Our consumers are constantly in search of products that are flavoursome while also being suitable to meet their specific dietary requirements. That’s why AlpiPan S.r.l. works in close contact with customers and suppliers to ensure that the absence of gluten can be transformed into a qualitative plus rather than being a negative factor that impairs the sensory and flavour characteristics of the product. This goal can be achieved only through the dedicated commitment, day after day, of the men and women working in AlpiPan to develop new recipes and new production technologies.


AlpiPan S.r.l. bases its business on an unequivocal mission that the proprietors have always asserted with clarity and that is embraced by everyone working in the organization, irrespective of their role. We strive to guarantee that all coeliac and kidney disease sufferers are provided with the most suitable products for their needs and taste preferences.

We operate on international markets, where we ensure our clients are able to make customized products that reflect the culinary traditions of their local markets and consumers. Our mission is brought to life thanks to the skills of our technical personnel in the R&D department and thanks also to the production techniques we use, which make it possible to maintain impeccable quality standards alongside a high level of flexibility in terms of recipe formulation and product types, this being an indispensable characteristic in niche markets such as those of products for coeliacs and products for kidney patients.

The dietary products sector lies mid-way between the pharmaceutical and food industries. Day after day AlpiPan S.r.l. merges the specific characteristics of these two sectors by combining the severity of pharmaceutical controls with the flexibility and variability associated with the production of bakery goods.