AlpiPan S.r.l. was set up specifically to focus exclusively on the production of dietary bakery products, placing the needs of people obliged to follow a special diet every day at the core of its business activities.

Located in Altopascio, in the province of Lucca in Tuscany, a part of the world where the production of breads and bakery products is ubiquitous and steeped in tradition, since 2004 AlpiPan S.r.l. has been producing gluten-free and low protein products for a growing number of clients who distribute their products all over the world.


The R&D department is one of the key assets of AlpiPan s.r.l. Our technicians and technologists work constantly to develop new products or improve the existing products currently used in our clients’ ranges.

Continuous collaboration with clients’ technicians and R&D departments allows us to pursue the development of new formulations specifically suited to consumers and markets that are often very different from Italian consumers and the Italian domestic market.


Our ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System is constantly evolving, hand in hand with the constant changes that emerge in international food standards and with technological advances.

Our Quality Assurance department works continuously alongside suppliers, clients, and institutions in order to guarantee the food safety of each and every product brought to market.